Great People doing Great Things

23 Nov

Great people doing great things.

Meet Chris.

Chris is doing some pretty great things in Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh is full of great people doing many great things for God. There is a stack load of missionaries. And with these missionaries comes their children.
It was great to go away on the weekend with a bunch of teenagers and here how long some of them have been living in Cambodia, or living overseas and away from their home country. Some have been overseas most of their life. These teenagers just like the teenagers back home need a great nurturing youth environment. Teenage years are so formative. I think the thing I use to go on about when I was working at church was how important it was for teenagers to have people in the generation above them that cared for them. Resilience, within people, that is the ability to cope with difficult situations is

Many of you know my story. And many of you know that my life was not the easiest in my formative years. I think I have resilience. And I have to pay tribute to the people that cared for me growing up. My Family, Aunty Faye and Uncle Barry, people in my home church in little old Paengaroa and especially the Wisemans. The people that were constant in my life and still are constant in my life today.

And in Phnom Penh along comes Chris. Chris is assistant youth pastor at the international church in Phnom Penh and he is doing a fantastic job. But here’s the catch. He does not get paid. Chris, like most working here in Phnom Penh, have to raise his own support. And what’s more he is doing this ministry while attempting to raise support.

Perhaps this touches something for you. Perhaps you had a youth pastor make a difference in your life. Perhaps you were a TCK (Third Culture Kid). Perhaps you’ve been asking God about something you could invest into. Perhaps your youth group might be keen to invest into another bunch of youth in a different city.

I write about Chris today because I think he is doing a really important Job and I want to support him and what he is doing. And today I decided to do something more other then just praying God would provide. Check out his blog. And check out supporting him through (Pay Pal) if this connects with you.

Good on you Chris! You are are doing an important job!

Psalm 71: 12
“ Since my youth, o God, you have taught me,
And to this day I declare your marvelous deeds.
Even when I am old and gray,
Do not forsake me, o God
Till I declare your power to the next generation
Your might to all who are to come.”

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